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Orifice Plate and Flange Assemblies

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We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Orifice Plate and Flange Assemblies. We offer various types of tapping in our orifice flange assemblies. These are supplied to our clients as ready to install in pipelines complete with studs, nuts, jack bolts.

We are manufacturing and supplying a wide gamut of Restriction Orifice Plate and Flange Assemblies. A complete range of Orifice Plate And Flange Assemblies for a variety of flow conditions for mounting carrier Ring and with RJ Plate Hold for mounting between RJ Flanges.

Details Require for Quotation:

  • Flange material of construction, its standard & type
  • Orifice plate materials & thickness
  • Service( name of the liquid or gas)
  • Minimum, maximum and normal flow rate
  • Density or specific gravity & viscosity of the fluid
  • Operating temperature
  • Operating pressure
  • Pipe line size
  • Exact id of the pipe or schedule /class of the pipe


  • Carbon steel : ASTM a105
  • Alloy steel : ASTM a182 gr f1,f5,f9,f11,f12,f22 ASTM a350 gr., lf2 & lf3
  • Standard type of gaskets : Spiral wound/ caf
  • Standard material of studs/nuts : ASTM a193 gr. b7/a194 gr.2h.
  • Stainless steel: ASTM a182 gr. f304/304l, f316/316l & f321